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The Department of Procurement strives to provide an optimum procurement process ensuring integrity and transparency by promoting broad competition while utilizing collaborative, strategic and cost efficient methods in a timely manner to achieve maximum value of tax dollars for quality goods and services, including Capital Projects.

Procurement is an effective and collaborative team that respects one another and has one unified agenda:  Outstanding Customer Service, Maintain Best Practices, and a Passion for Innovation and Continuous Improvement.  We are empowered to think critically for honest solutions that enhance the quality of life of the people of Harford County. 

The Department of Procurement, established by Section 414 of the Harford County Charter, is made up of 3 divisions:
  • The Operations Division is responsible for the purchase of supplies and contractual services (including capital projects and consultant services) for the various county departments and agencies in addition to liaison government agencies like the Public library, the Health Department, the Board of Elections, the Sheriff’s Office and the Circuit Court.
  • The Property Management Division is responsible for the acquisition, sale or lease of real property for Harford County, in accordance with and in the manner prescribed by federal, state and local law. Acquisitions range from commercial office buildings to park land and sites for bridges, utility lines and roads. Functions include title examination, contract and deed preparation, appraisal, negotiation and property settlement. They also provide relocation planning for the many county departments and agencies and manage 400 plus properties the county leases for their use or county owned properties we lease to others.
  • The Fleet Management Division is responsible for providing oversight to, and administering the contracted fleet management and maintenance of the County’s inventory of 1,186 automobiles, light trucks and heavy equipment. Their goal and objective is to provide the employees of Harford County with safe, reliable vehicles and equipment at the lowest possible cost to perform their necessary duties and sell older or outdated inventory for the highest price. They oversee the Fuel Management system and its nine fueling locations around the county. On average, the County uses a total of 1.2 million gallons of unleaded and diesel fuel products per year.