IEP Facilitation

What is IEP?
According to Federal Law, any child with a learning disability must be given an Individual Education Program (IEP) which meets his/her needs in a least restrictive environment. The IEP is developed and reviewed annually by a group that includes parents, teachers, special education administrators, and others. These meetings are sometimes fraught with conflict and a few states are implementing pilot projects which involve using facilitators to facilitate these meetings in order to work through the conflicts in a collaborative manner. Community Mediation Maryland has been working with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to develop this partnership.
Why use an IEP Facilitator?
The Harford County Community Mediation Program provides independent facilitators to support effective communication in potentially challenged Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meetings.  By providing facilitation as an early intervention, this service supports schools and parents to work collaboratively as they build plans for children receiving special education services.